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New Website

24/08/2020 - Noel Minogue

Seeing as there will be added emphasis on virtual events and entertainment over the year due to Covid-19 restrictions, we at GUMS decided to create this website to help us deliver high quality entertainment and news about the society!
So what can you find on this website? Well if you're reading this, I assume you've found our articles about news in the society. More will be added throughout the year. 
We also have a gallery where you can catch up with the "What is GUMS Project" or view pictures from our past shows and events.

We have a committee page where you can get to know our committee better and find out how to contact them with any queries you have.

We also have a page dedicated to telling you what GUMS is about and our past awards and shows.

Our news page will be where you will find these articles as well as our GUMS Gazette (coming soon) videos.

We are always adding on to the site so if you have any ideas for something you would like to see on the site, feel free to email your suggestion to