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What is GUMS Project Launched

24/08/2020 - Noel Minogue

Last week, we were very excited to announce something that has been in the works for a while. The What is GUMS Project.

This project is something we think has a lot of potential and will be a lot of fun throughout the year. The What is GUMS Project aims to ask members (current and past) about their experience in GUMS. We then finish on a statement where the interviewee describes what they think GUMS is!

Every day last week, we had a new story launch on our Facebook (GUMS | Galway University Musical Society) and our Instagram (@gumsagram). So far we've had myself, Nicole Denning (GUMS PRA), Adam O'Connor (GUMS Auditor), Amy O'Reilly (GUMS Vice-Auditor), Louise Hosty (GUMS Auditor 2019-2020), Cadhla Boyle (GUMS Vice-Auditor 2019-2020) and Kevin Murphy (GUMS Honorary Life Member). We have already seen a wide assortment of heartfelt stories and memories of the society. Be sure to check these out on our social medias or on this website, they will definitely brighten your day!

But this project isn't just one week long. This project will be carrying on for the whole year (and hopefully years to come). The aim at the moment is to have at least 1-2 What is GUMS stories going up per week. But how do I get involved in the project I hear you ask! Well, just do GUMS! Myself and Nicole will be taking the stories of people from GUMS over the year, so chances are if you are involved in the society and at our events and shows, you will probably end up getting asked to give your story!

This project is really shaping up to be something special and we look forward to creating a catalogue of memories of the society for all our members to look over. If you want to see more about The What is GUMS Project, check out the trailer below!